The parental task of a thorough investigation into school options can actually be an enjoyable experience.  Getting an early start can minimize the stress and give your child more assurance when the time comes for the application process to begin.   With that in mind, we would like to help you select the best venue for visiting Jackson Prep.

Families Considering Prep for the First Time:
Parents may want to make a visit on their own before bringing their child into the process.  It’s a great idea to plan a school-day tour up to two years before your student is ready to enroll.  This way, parents begin to discern for themselves which area schools best meet their needs and expectations.   

Families Considering Bringing a Sibling to Prep:
When families already have a child at Prep, enrolling a sibling is usually much easier.  Even if the siblings have markedly different talents and interest, current parents are more familiar with our staff and faculty and may already know how to ask for assistance.  Bringing the younger sibling to  the Evening Prep Preview Open House or attending a school-day Preview are available options.  Parents can review the Admission Calendar early in the fall prior to the sibling’s planned enrollment and select an event that fits well for the family schedule. 

Families with Specific Questions or Concerns:
Sometimes parents desire an individual visit to Jackson Prep when there are extra questions or specific needs to address.  This meeting can easily be arranged by contacting Lesley Morton, Admission Director. 

The best times of day to see the school when classroom activity is consistent across all grade levels is between 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.  Another option is between 12:45 and 2:45 p.m.  If parents prefer to schedule an individual visit prior to bringing their students, this can certainly be done.

Types of Visits
While a school visit can be very helpful, it is not required for applicants.
Evening Prep Preview Open House is scheduled after school hours to allow greater family participation.  Bring along younger siblings if you like!  This visit is best for current families bringing a sibling to Prep next year.
Prep Preview School Day Visits are scheduled during school hours to give parents a closer look at a typical day.  Classroom activities are explained as we tour the school. 
Individual Visits are scheduled with the Director of Admission to offer a more intimate information exchange.  Specific questions can be addressed and tours tailored to family interests.  Appointments are advised mid-September through early May.  Tours are not scheduled during semester exam preparation. 
Shadow Visits are available after a student applicant has been accepted to Jackson Prep. To help ease the transition, we offer a scheduled shadow visit during a school day.  The visitor is matched with a student who shares similar interests, and they attend two classes combined with a snack or lunch break.  This way, the prospective student can experience a regular school day and see what it feels like to be a student here.


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