Social Studies

The Social Studies Department at Jackson Prep emphasizes the content and meaning of the geography, history, and cultures of the nation and the greater world.  Teachers seek to motivate students to take an active part as citizens of our state, nation, and world.  A vital part of the curriculum includes teaching respect for the rights of other persons, building skills for civil and constructive dialogue between students with different perspectives or cultural backgrounds, and instilling an appreciation of their perspectives on issues.  The inclusion of current events is a natural way for students to learn to apply the lessons of history.  The goal to produce knowledgeable, involved citizens is enhanced through participatory activities that allow students to put ideas into practice.

The Western World
U.S. History to 1877
Mississippi Studies
World Geography and Cultures
Modern World History
U. S. History
Advanced Placement U. S. History
U.S. Government/Economics
Advanced Placement U.S Government/Economics
Ancient Cultures
Introduction to the American Legal System
Terrorism in the 21st Century


Social Studies Department Chair

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