Honors and Advanced Placement Program

Prep students who desire a greater challenge may apply for admission to the honors program.  The Honors program targets the top students in each grade and prepares them for Advanced Placement (AP) classes. AP classes are college level courses a student may take while still in high school. Prep offers Advanced Placement courses in ten areas of study. To take AP English, math, or science, a student must be enrolled in the honors program in those areas.  In the spring of the seventh grade year, students may apply for admission to the honors math program.  Criteria for admission include standardized test scores, grades, exam scores, a math placement test and teacher recommendation. Students may apply for honors science beginning  in the ninth grade year. Students may apply for the honors English program at the end of the eighth, ninth or tenth grade year.  Standardized test scores, grades, a portfolio writing sample and a monitored writing sample are used as admissions criteria.  Specific information regarding application and admission to the honors program is distributed to all students.  In the junior or senior years, students may enroll in Advanced Placement classes. The Advanced Placement Program offers the possibility of college credit based on student performance on the subject area examination.  The College Board assesses a fee for each exam.  Students enrolled in AP classes at Prep are required to write the exam.  Please note that some graduate and professional programs, including medical schools, may NOT accept AP credits for admission.  Students are advised to discuss this with their college advisor upon enrollment at an institution of higher learning.


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