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Patriot Club FAQs

Q.             What is the Patriot Club?

A.              The Patriot Club provides unrestricted funds for programs that are critical to the Jackson Prep experience, including direct support for academic programs, computer and laboratory upgrades, funds for attracting and retaining top faculty, resources for the library, and materials and equipment for fine arts and athletic programs. These resources touch the lives of each student.

Q.             Why must money be raised every year in addition to tuition?

A.              Tuition does not cover all of the annual cost of educating students. Like other independent schools, Jackson Prep must rely on tax deductible gifts to the Patriot Club to help provide program enhancements and bridge the gap between tuition income and the actual cost of operating our school.  Simply put, without the Patriot Club, Prep would be forced to raise tuition in order to cover the cost of educating our students. 

Q.             Are gifts to the Patriot Club tax deductible?

A.              Yes. Gifts to the Patriot Club qualify as charitable contributions and can be fully deducted to the limit of IRS regulations.

Q.             What is the difference between the Capital Campaign and the Patriot Club?

A.              The Patriot Club provides resources by which we “live.” The Capital Campaign provides resources by which we grow. As we look to the future of Jackson Prep with new buildings and facilities, we still incur our annual operating costs. While a Capital Campaign gift will help build new buildings, expand our campus, or add to our endowment, a Patriot Club gift helps operate the school and supports existing school programs for all students. While Capital Campaigns ask for commitments spanning several years, the Patriot Club relies on annual gifts made during each Prep fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). 

Q.             Why is my participation important?

A.              Your gift is important because it can positively affect the educational experience of every Prep student through campus improvements, technological advancements, and classroom upgrades.  Without gifts to the Patriot Club, Prep would be forced to raise tuition.  Therefore, Jackson Prep needs every member of the Prep Family to make a charitable, tax deductible gift to the Patriot Club.

Q.             What is a matching gift?

A.              Many companies have a matching gift program in which the company will match your gift to the Jackson Prep Patriot Club. Please check to see if your employer participates in the matching gift program. If so, they will provide the necessary forms to initiate the match. These forms are usually found on your company’s website or Human Resources office.

Q.             What kinds of projects has the Patriot Club supported recently?

A.              Patriot Club dollars are used to fund whatever the school's greatest needs may be.  Most recently, the Patriot Club funded the publication of the student-produced literary magazine Earthwinds and funded construction of a Junior High Hub which will featue wireless printing for homework assignments and projects, a student work area, and electronic charging area.  These are just a few examples of the many things Jackson Prep has done this year because of donations to the Patriot Club, allowing Prep to positively impact the educational experience for every Prep student. Without question, our school would be deprived in every area - academics, athletics, arts, and leadership - without the support of a successful Patriot Club. 

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